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Why I am avoiding the acronym “POC” in my IoT projects?

Over the last years I’ve been confronted with a lot of POC’s, but were they really POC’s? Just like “everything is IOT”, also the term “POC” is loosely used and could unintendingly undermine a perfectly good project scope. With POC standing for “proof of concept” it is usually interpreted as “proof that the concept works end2end”…
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IoT complex? The creative positioning of your corporate cornerstones can help.

IoT is often very complex to start with. It’s a mix of different services, security components, tools etc… So where to begin? In general, everything that takes options off the table is a good start. Sound logical? It’s not all rocket science but still managers often start talking with service providers before they have done…
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Why is expectation management in IoT so important?

I remember sitting in a Mexican bar and reading all the inscriptions on the wall, one stuck with me: If our food or services don’t meet your expectations, please lower your expectations! I wanted to put this in a separate article as it is one of the easy key factors that can define the success…
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