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About us

Eubint’s DNA – an IoT Generalist  
that goes deep into the details

Founder Kris Van der Hoeven has years of experience in the different domains and building blocks that make out an IoT solution.

From IT security / networks / hardware / asset management / financing / business plan developent/ Project Management experience gathered at major firms like Verizon / Econocom / Data Unit (Engie) and was actively involved in several startups.

This unique set of experiences came together in 2016 with the creation of Eubint as integration and consulting partners.

Deep insights of the IoT ecosystem and the harmonization made a refocus possible towards end to end support of industrial IoT projects. Eubint uses the compentences inside your company and adds external expertise from its ecosystem where needed. 

Harmonization of the IoT building blocks

Why harmonzation? IoT is build up out of dozens of buidling block that all have an impact on the TCO of the solution. if certain components are oversized or undersized this might kill the business case or it might kill the project completely.

Starting from a clear business case is the easiest way forward but often even the business case is founded on assumptions & best guesses that only get validated during the development & exploration.   

Experience can detect underassumptions or overshoots and can, from the start, put the red flags where they are needed or propose alternatives that better fit the business case. 

Harmonization can be done at any moment in oder to optimize the cost, the perfomance, the maintenance, the legal challenges but the earlier in the process the easier the task.  

The vase analogy

Want to build a vase?

You can buy some clay, throw it on an old record player and start and start building a vase.
Will it work, sure, but what is the end goal?
1 vase / 100 vases/ a vase shop / an export company of vases? Assuming that you actually want to create a round vase and not a square one..
How is this scalable?
Where will you store them?
Can you legally put an oven in your house? How will you ship them? Who will buy them at what price? How will you market it?
If it leaks water at a customer, do you need an insurance?
Have you thought about an additional fire extinguisher or gel for burns.

Just like you want someone to explain you what you need to open a vase shop or create and export firm, you will also want expertise for  your IoT projects..

Our Team

Depending on your needs we put a team together with focus on your business or other objectives,

Our Partnernetwork

Some of our partners we rely on for tools insights and competences to design, build, deploy or manage your solutions 

Software AG IoT platform

hardware service provider

Hardware manufacturer 

Service integrator

Hardware design + IoT

Bluetooth Specialist 

Hardware manufacturer

Financial services